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Break a Habit Build a Habit Workshop
 Break a Habit Build a Habit Workshop
Leadership Development
  • Introduction

    At Inside Out Leadership Development we can assist you in Building a Bridge to Freedom.


    Are you creating the results you want in your life?


    Join us to develop your Emotional Intelligence and create the healthy relationships you want and deserve in life - at home and at your work place.  It is a skill that can be acquired and with increased self awareness, road blocks move aside and personal motivation and communication skills flourish.


    Uncover your blind spots, be clear on what you want and discover the action steps to move forward.


    What are you willing to do? With commitment and follow-through, it can be done!


    It's time to unlock your potential...



    Personal power, motivation, change, a new direction - the Connections workshop is your opportunity to challenge beliefs that are not working for you, learn ways to "do it differently" and begin a powerful transformational experience in your life. 


    Our programs build on a foundation of personal development and experiential learning. They actively promote greater self-awareness with opportunities for each participant to uncover negative belief systems and challenge themselves to live a better life.


    Our corporate programs offer workshops and leadership training to enrich your professional success and create better results in your professional and personal life. You will leave our programs with tools that will help you develop personal motivation, purpose and passion in your life, and improve your relationships.


    We invite you to join us today to experience real change from the inside out.

Leadership Development
Inside Out Leadership Development Group
Our Programs


  • Connections Workshop
    Take a journey of self discovery and experience the workshop so many people have said is “life changing”.
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  • Living Proof
    Follow your Connections experience with this 6 week coaching program that builds on the awareness you uncovered.
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  • Deeper Connections
    The Road to Deeper Character Deeper Connections provides you with the tools and skills to uncover your personal potential by showing you how to transform crisis into opportunity.
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  • The Deeper Life Program
    The Deeper Life program takes place over 6 weeks and focuses on the impact your beliefs and emotions have on your daily behaviors.
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  • Sacred Journey
    Sacred Journey is your opportunity to get to know your spiritual side more intimately in a safe, non-religious environment.
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  • Couples Connections
    Would you like to have a deeper, more rewarding relationship with your partner? Do you yearn for a better heart connection and greater intimacy?
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  • The Character of Leadership
    Learn how to bring more intuitive skills into every area of your life and develop your leadership potential.
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  • Corporate Programs
    Experience our one day “Adding Heart to the Workplace” or create dynamic change by sending your team to the Connections retreat.